Trutex is a commercial painting company who understands the importance of making your property look its best with the least disruption to your customers or tenants. We have built our reputation by improving properties just like yours. Our Five Point Painting Service Process and professional experience will ensure your building is painted to your specifications.

When it comes to your commercial jobs you need to work with someone you can trust to get the job done right, on budget, and on time. Someone like, Trutex.


Commercial interiors are always custom. Whether it's an office building, a shopping mall or a restaurant, no job is like any other. Trutex has the experience to complete your commercial interior painting project, regardless of its complexity or size.


Curb appeal is nice for a home, but is critical for a business. The way your building looks reflects on your company and it can affect your business. Clients, customers and even employees make lasting opinions based of the fist impression of your exterior.

Trutex are experts in exterior commercial painting. Whatever the materials or special needs you job has, we can handle it.

5 Point Service

Five Point Painting Service

  1. Quality Control
  2. Supervision & Inspection
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. The color of certainty
  5. Communication is our priority

Quality Control

  • Copy of work specification onsite at all times
  • Trained & experienced staff
  • Top-line products from premier manufacturers
  • Protection of property

Sytematic approach to project breakdown

  • Breakdown into smaller blocks
  • Organized team with a leader
  • Complete, inspect, & sign-off blocks or work
  • Ongoing and final inspections
  • A two year written guarantee

Supervision & Inspections

  • Project manager onsite at all times
  • Immediate point of contact
  • Provides supervision and management throughout
  • Ongoing inspections
  • At specific stages, especially at completion of preperation

Final inspection

  • When block of work completed
  • "Punch-list" prepared and promptly completed

Competitive pricing

  • National accounts with premier manafacturers gives Trutex painters excellent material pricing
  • Proven production methods that stress an organized, professional, and reliable rervice
  • Detailed written contract so that you and your client know exactly what is being paid for
  • A quality job that lasts longer and cuts down on the repaint cycle, giving long-term savings

The color of certainty

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we want you to be certain:

  • We answer to your unique needs
  • We work efficiently to meet deadlines
  • We have the process down and the project under control
  • We do quality work, safely

Communication is our priority

Above all, communication is our priority, because when you need problems solved, you need a person and you need answers.

Proactive Property Maintenance
We know why you need to paint


  • Maintain a clean and professional image
  • Retain the perceived rental and resale value

Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Substrate repair
  • Water damage
  • Additional prep required on peeling paint


  • Substrate damage causing lack of structural integrity

Here is why you want Trutex to do your painting
Trutex Communication

The systems of communication that Trutex has developed ultimately take the load off youso that we can paint, and you can rest assured the jobs done right.

Progress Reports

We deliver regular progress reports according to a customized schedule based on your needs.

Working with Teams

While a project may have one primary contact, responsibility may be shared by a number of people. Trutex knows how to address the needs of multiple parties.

Helping You Speak with Confidence

You may have to report to others about the job, so well tell you as much as you want to know in order to help you keep track of decisions and details. We aim to help you succeed in your role as manager of the project.

It takes experience like Trutex's to make the process go smoothly.


We Work on Schedule

Our crew capacity enables us to be flexible in scheduling the job to meet your needs.

Deadlines Met

We know that if the project gets off track, it can cause a domino effect for your schedule, with big consequences down the line. Rest assured that Trutex delivers a quality paint job quickly and efficiently.

Minimizing Impact = Minimizing Loss of Productivity

We minimize the impact to everyone affected by painting, whether tenants, owners, employees or customers. Since the buildings we paint are places people need to use, our mission is to understand everyones needs and concerns, so that we can work around them.

A Part of Your Community

When we come onto your property as professionals, we become both a part of your daily operations and of your community therefore, we conduct ourselves appropriately.

Helping You Get Through It

Trutex has the processes in place to navigate the project from Pointt to finish.

Communication is what we donot just what we say

We deliver a quality paint joband assure that the process goes smoothly. It is our procedures of communication with customers that foster positive working relationships based on trust, respect and integrity.

When to Paint

Five years is commonly accepted as the most economic paint cycle.

Proactive Property Maintenance Managed Cycles

  • Break scope of work into 4 or 5 equal portions
  • Paint a portion every year
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