Trutex understands that landscaping borders provide a complete, finished look to your home exterior, garden areas, patios, pools, and outdoor rooms. In addition, there are many practical reasons for landscape edging:

  • Help to retain mulch within garden beds
  • Allow for easier lawn maintenance
  • Improve drainage with elevation and specific types of materials
  • Blend your home exterior with lawn design
  • Provide uniform connection between widely spaced plantings, gardens or outdoor living areas
  • Add to the impact of seasonal color landscaping plants
  • Complement any outdoor installation (fire pit, deck, patio or pool)
  • Provide moderate protection to bedding plants or gardens

In general, there are multiple choices for borders, and we provide landscaping materials readily available and long-lasting. A flowerbed or border often becomes a permanent feature of your landscape design. Our experienced, creative landscaping specialist helps you select materials that fit your budget. We suggest low-maintenance, hardy plants that fit this geographic region and grow year round. A well-chosen border plant brings visual and tactile appeal, and when desired, can also provide a lovely scent.


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