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Custom Tile Flooring

Custom tile provides one of the chief advantages of ceramic tile and that is that its use and appearance have almost no limitations. Custom tile manufacturers will make unique one-of-a-kind designs allowing you to create hand-painted custom images to suit your particular decor. Most often the design is added at the time of the glazing process. However, there are a number of companies that now offer the service of applying decos to already made products. These can range from fruits and vegetables to culinary herbs and beautiful nature scenes.

Custom tile which is hand-painted can be quite expensive. Still, they are becoming much more popular and can be used as an insert decoration in the floor which will personalize your particular room design. The technology (as mentioned before) has advanced to the point that you can have personal images transferred to a piece of ceramic (with some limitations) providing you with that truly original look.

Custom tile is generally associated with wall applications such as a back splash in a kitchen or bathroom wall. Although they are used here, flooring applications are gaining in popularity. You really are only limited to your own imagination regarding its use. For more ideas and suggestions, consider looking in the latest popular design magazines or if it is in the budget, hire the services of a licensed and qualified designer/decorator. Her/she will be able to show you actual jobs that can give you a good idea of what you can accomplish.

As mentioned previously, this type of flooring can be quite 'pricey' so if you are considering using it, make sure you've made provisions in any cost-analysis you came up with before hand.

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