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Garland Roof Inspection Replacement

Trutex Contracting Solutions and our Garland roof inspection services can spot signs of roof damage the average homeowner wouldnt notice.
Often times, signs of roof problems occur not on the outside, but on the inside of your home and in areas you dont often see. Its these signs that, if left unnoticed, lead to the costliest repairs. Thats why it is so vitally important for any property owner, both commercial or residential, to have their roofs inspected before it turns into a full roof replacement in Garland TX.

Spotting interior signs of damage
Every homeowner frequently looks at their roof from the outside to spot potential damage. A shingle thats been blow away or a roof cap that has come loose are easily spotted and fixed. However, it requires roof inspection services in Garland TX to spot the damage on the inside.
Leaks in an attic, for instance, are most common following an intense storm or wind-driven rain event. After such an event, Garland roof inspection services can determine if there was any damage to the roof by checking the attic.
These leaks often occur through nail holes or cracks that form in the decking due to age. If left alone, these small leaks will soon turn into major problems and are often the cause of a complete Garland roof replacement.

Have you noticed stains and peeling paint?
Stains and peeling paint are often caused by trapped moisture that has formed due to poor roof ventilation. The hot air from your house should be able flow up through your attic and out of the roof vents. If something prevents this process, it causes humidity in your home. This moisture will diminish the integrity of your roof, leading to potential roof replacement in Garland TX.
If you see any signs of roof damage, call the experts at Trutex for Garland roof inspection services. We will check your entire roof for damage and formulate a plan to give you the assurance you need that your home is safe and secure.
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