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Plano Roof Inspection Replacement

If youre not sure about the current condition of your roof, and whether or not it needs attention, then we encourage you to schedule a time to meet with Trutex Contracting Solutions to take advantage of our insightful Plano roof inspection services.

We proudly serve the local area as experts in roof repair and full roof replacement in Plano TX. However, before administering any of that work, we need to first diagnose the problems that your roof is facing.

With our roof inspection services in Plano TX, our team of highly trained, licensed and insured roofers will scour your roof and document any existing or developing issues. From there, we can provide you with that information and help you decide on how to proceed.

Do I need Plano roof replacement or repairs?

We can find out for you via our Plano roof inspection services. If youre wondering if your home or commercial building is due for an inspection, the information below might serve as an effective rule of thumb.
  • A roof should be inspected, at a minimum, about once every five years. However, it never hurts to make this an annual occurrence if you are able to spot developing issues and address them right away, you will save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Of course, you shouldnt wait for an inspection if your home or commercial building was subjected to inclement weather or any other event that may have levied damage to your roof. If you have concerns about potential damage to your roof, get an inspection just to be safe.

As leaders in roof repair and roof replacement in Plano TX, not only do we provide you with information about your roof, but we can execute any needed work. We use the highest quality materials and roofing systems and we stand behind each project that we take on.

Tap into our Plano roof inspection services and make sure that the roof on your home or commercial property is in tip-top shape.
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