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Rockwall Roof Inspection Replacement

Rockwall roof inspection services by Trutex Contracting Solutions give you the peace of mind knowing your roof is intact before harsh Texas storms put it to the test.
Few things strike fear into a homeowners heart like waking up to a leaky roof. Its not long before that small leak turns into a major repair if left unchecked. If your house is becoming riddled with water-catching bowls, it may be time for a Trutex roof replacement in Rockwall TX.

Causes of leaky roofs
Truth be told, there are an infinite amount of causes for a leaky roof. With issues ranging from a shingle thats been blown away to a loose nail in a decking board, a leaky roof can often spell disaster. With Trutexs roof inspection services in Rockwall TX, we can spot the cause before it turns into a full Rockwall roof replacement. Our trained experts will:
  • Inspect the location of the leak to find the cause
  • Climb atop the roof, walking the entire structure
  • Identify any and all problems, as well as issues that might turn into future leaks
  • Work out a plan to address these issues

Leaks can be trick our experience will come in handy
Without quality Rockwall roof inspection services, it may be impossible to trace the source of some leaks. Leaks often occur several feet away from the damage. Water, when it seeps under the shingles or through an empty nail hole, will take the path of least resistance.
A leak can develop on one side of the home and inflict damage on the other. Unfortunately, this kind of damage most often results in a complete roof replacement in Rockwall TX.
To be proactive and prevent any leaks from forming, call Trutex today for our Rockwall roof inspection services. We can have an expert to your home as soon as possible to prepare for the major storms that are sure to come.
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