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Rowlett Roof Inspection Replacement

At Trutex Contracting Solutions, the experts that perform our Rowlett roof inspection services look for many things that indicate potential damage or wear and tear, both on the exterior and interior of your home.
From discolored shingles to chipping paint, these signs are often left unnoticed by the unsuspecting eye. Thats why our roof inspection services in Rowlett TX are so important in determining the status of your homes roofing system.

Do you have dark, dirty shingles?
While you might not immediately need a full roof replacement in Rowlett TX, these dark, dirty-looking spots on your roof can hurt the appearance of your home.
Most homeowners would simply use a pressure washer to clean them off. This, however, will cause more damage than it fixes. Instead, the next time you undergo Rowlett roof replacement, have Trutex install our StainGuard protected shingles.
These shingles have protective granules that prevent:
  • Vegetation
  • Fungus
  • Mold
  • Algae (the cause of the dark spots)
Also, our Rowlett roof inspection services can determine if this growth has moved to the roofs decking, causing more extensive damage.

Addressing cracked and curled shingles
As with any investment, homeowners tend to want to get as much life out of their roof as possible before seeking roof replacement in Rowlett TX. With our roof inspection services, we can easily see if your roofs shingles are showing signs of approaching the end of their life. Leaving these shingles on will certainly leave your roof unprotected in harsh Texas storms.
Our Rowlett roof inspection services can inspect for damage on either side of your roof, ensuring the damage is spotted fast while administering the fixes efficiently. To have our experts come inspect your roof, give us a call today. Our free, no-obligation estimate will give you the information you need to make the best decision for you and your home.
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