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Wylie Hail Storm Damage

After a major storm, you may realize that you need Wylie hail damage roof repairs because you are noticing a leak. When it comes to hail damage roof repair in Wylie TX, time is of the essence the last thing you need is an intrusion from animals or mold because of a damaged roof.

Texans know that their homes are constantly being bombarded with wind, rain and hail, which is why it is important to have an expert in Wylie emergency roof repairs on call. At Trutex Contracting Solutions, we give our valued clients the confidence they need to know that the job is done right the first time, every time.

We educate you to make the best decisions for your home, providing timely hail damage roof repairs in Wylie TX that comply with your insurance requirements. When you need a reliable, honest contractor for your repair needs, you need Trutex!

Our process for Wylie hail damage roof repairs

Not every hailstorm causes serious damage to your roof. In fact, you may not even need hail damage roof repair in Wylie TX after a storm, depending on the intensity of the weather event. Trutex makes sure to conduct a thorough inspection before we get started with emergency roof repairs in Wylie TX.
  • We take a complete inventory of your roofs systems, evaluate the stability of the asphalt layer, and make recommendations for a repair plan.
  • Hail forms weak spots and craters on your roof, making Wylie hail damage roof repair a must. Furthermore, the impact from the hailstones can loosen shingles and expose the underlying structures of your home to the weather.
  • Wind can also play a major role in roof damages, prying shingles from their secure underlayer. As you might guess, this leads to leaks and even small leaks can be a big deal.
When you need an assessment for Wylie hail damage roof repairs, Trutex can come to the rescue. Our team can make your roof repairs easy, offering you quick and reliable service you can trust and we can even work with the insurance company on your behalf. Contact Trutex to get started.
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